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Miami Brand Photographer with a Focus on Mindfulness & Wellness


Valerie Brunnette | Miami Photographer


Valerie Brunnette is an award winning fine art and commercial lifestyle photographer based out of Miami, FL. Her work has been exhibited at The Coral Gables Museum, Praxis Gallery, and CLAMP NYC. Valerie has contributed to Travel Hilton, Haute Living, and Mpls.St.Paul Magazine, amongst others. She was named a Feature Shoot emerging photographer in 2021. Valerie is committed to working with ethical, sustainable, and locally impactful brands.


She can be found on her yoga mat looking inward, when she's not looking through her lens.

"Mindfulness is how I approach my life and photography. With intention and inspiration, I'm able to create art."

Our Approach

Mindful Photography

At VBRUNNETTE.CO, we approach photography with a sense of mindfulness. We believe that being present in the moment allows us to capture the essence of our clients and their surroundings, resulting in photographs that are authentic and personal.

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